History of this family cottage with pool

Thoughts of our holiday experiences

    Annie and Robert bought the property in 1995. They had the pool built right away

Gîte Le Vieux Frêne : Before renovation
Gîte Le Vieux Frêne : the room is still dark

   The present gîte used to be a barn which had once been a lodging. A fireplace and traces of a former kitchen (called “souillarde” by South Westerners) were found there.

Annie and Robert's neighbors told them that a woman called Nancy used to breed goats on the premises. They couldn't give them any other info about the place though.



Gîte Le Vieux Frêne : after renovation
Gîte le Vieux frêne: the window illuminating the room





Annie and Robert immediately thought of turning the barn into a gîte and the works started in the fall of 1995.


a building company made the openings



Gîte Le Vieux Frêne : Outdoor before works
Gîte le Vieux Frêne : appearance before works
Gîte Le Vieux Frêne : Outdoor after works
Gîte le Vieux Frêne : view of the current terrace

     The stones were repointed. As for the part made of perpend it was roughcast.

Gîte Le Vieux Frêne : Before works
Gîte le vieux frêne : The old fire place

   When the flue was enlarged, the old beam was broken and the mantel piece fell off.

Gîte Le Vieux frêne  :  actually
Gîte le vieux Frêne : The "cantou"















   Mr P., the contractor, built the present fire place called "cantou" over here



   Robert did all the rest of the work with the help of Annie (occasionally), of their children, of Marcelin their brother and Didier their nephew.


Have a look at the following photos and compare:

Before and after

   The ceiling, the tiling, the woodwork, the electric heating system, the plumbing, the kitchen were completed in 2 and a half years by the owners. They wanted to create a place in their own image.

They got the 3 keys of the “Clévacances” label right away and it has not changed since.

Gîte Le Vieux Frêne : The old ash tree in winter
Gîte Le Vieux Frêne : The old ash tree




   The name “le Vieux Frêne”( The Old Ash Tree) comes from the hollow old tree on the property.

It is said that an owl used to nest there when the house was unoccupied. Réglisse, the owners' cat, loves to hide away in it when it is too hot.

   Annie and Robert's first guests ever, a family from the Parisian area, enjoyed the gîte so much that their hosts felt rewarded for all their efforts to fix a pleasant home where to spend dream holidays.


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